Lloyds Caravans Canberra NEW McHitch Off Road Coupling

The McHitch Trailer Coupling has been developed to be an all purpose coupler for all types of trailers including ,off road campers, car trailers, caravans, horse trailers, tipping trailers and every type of tow situation out there. At the moment we have two models being manufactured here in Australia, the 3.5 tonne and 6 tonne models with a 10 tonne version under development. The most important feature of our couplings is the use of a universal joint to handle all of the horizontal/vertical movements, well past 90 degrees horizontally AND vertically (nothing else on the market comes close) with the twisting being handled in the rear body by shock absorbing urethane bushes. The universal joint itself is the same found in all 4wd Landcruisers (industry part no RUJ-2041 made by Toyo Japan). The joint itself is held in place by registers and opposite threaded plugs/end caps which removes any end play. The universal and the rear body are both fully greaseable.

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